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RAW by S. creates expressive and positive fashion items that give you more confidence, main character energy you never knew you needed and encourages you to live your life more consciously.

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Especially with social media, we tend to spend a lot of time online, are flooded with dopamine and constantly compare ourselves with the seemingly perfect lives of others. Meanwhile we loose sight of what reality actually looks like. There always are ups and downs and nothing is as perfect as it seems on instagram. 

Raw by S. intends to contribute to more honesty, realness and authenticity in this world. 

The brand empathizes with those who feel hopeless, lonely or depressed from time to time and motivates everybody to overcome these feelings and to start over again.

The creative designs will enable you to take your life into your own hands with more self-confidence and and just the right amount of main-character-energy, that you didn’t know you had inside you!


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